The Props Museum: 'Freddy vs Jason' Screen-Used Hockey Mask And Cowl

Today we have another set of new additions to the Friday The 13th Props Museum, owned by Mario Kirner, and these items are from Freddy vs Jason. They add to the growing amount of items featured from Mario's collection and now we can get a much closer look at the screen-used hero hockey mask and undermask/cowl worn in the film!

From Mario Kirner
Check out the inside of the hockey mask. You can see where they had the bad eye at the beginning until they realized it must be on the right side.

They fixed that just during the filming process when all masks had the eye on the wrong side. Ronny says somewhere in the Crystal Lake Memories book that they flipped some of the scenes mirror reverse when they noticed that.

That trick was only possible at earlier scenes when the mask looked the same right and left. It would just not work later when the mask got the damages and you could tell it was flipped.

Also seen in the pics (below) is the hero undermask with hairs attached and a set of screen used costume.

The hockey mask has a soft neoprene added inside for wearing comfort and to make sure the actors skin can not be seen through. The mouth area has the material scratched open for breathing support.

Mask was autographed by both who wore it, Ken (Kirzinger) and Doug (Tait). The mask was auctioned off by New Line Cinema to promote the movie when it came out (in 2003).

The mask received its damages by hand and was not cast that way. The broken parts were then glued together again fixed to the neoprene to not fall off.

We have posted a production sketch of what the filmmakers wanted Jason to look like below as a comparison to the screen used masks and clothing. How do these look up close? Thanks to Mario for providing these awesome pieces for the fans to enjoy!

Production Sketch from Freddy vs Jason

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