Mondo Offers Friday The 13th Winter Apparel Line

Mondo has been become a true force of nature when it comes to catering to fans of genre films. Not only do they commission some of the world's most talented artists to create retro posters for classic films, they also produce high quality vinyl soundtracks for some of most beloved films. Along with their burgeoning toy line, Mondo originally started off selling t-shirts and are going back to their roots, sort of, for their new slasher winter apparel offering.

Available to purchase now are some awesome sweaters and scarf for Friday The 13th fans. There are two sweaters available for $80. One sweater shows off the classic video cover for Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter with knife inserted into a eye hole of the famous hockey mask. The variant sweater sports the colors of the infamous 8-bit Friday The 13th Nintendo game which also utilized The Final Chapter box cover in the menu system. To go along with these sweaters is a chic scarf complete with hockey mask and Camp Crystal Lake sign.

Head on over to right now to get your sweater and scarf in time for the cold winter ahead!