Image And Review Of 'Freddy vs Jason' House From Halloween Horror Nights!

We had heard rumblings back in 2012 that Universal Studios' ultra popular Halloween Horror Nights attraction was seriously considering creating a Freddy vs Jason themed maze. Unfortunately, the horror duo never made to seasonal event. Although I thought the California theme park would get the horror team-up, we all know now that the Florida destination will be bringing us the fight of the century!

Halloween Horror Nights 25 at the Universal Resort in Orlando, Florida begins September 18th and Freddy and Jason will force you to face your fears. Over at Bloody Disgusting, they gave a short review of all of the haunted houses at the special event and broke down the Freddy vs Jason house along with providing an image from the attraction (pictured above).

From Bloody Disgusting
The house begins with a trip through Camp Crystal Lake. Off the bat I was anxious because typically the first room in a house is small. But the Crystal Lake section starts off in a BIG room where Jason has a lot of places to pop out of. After walking through cabins, being egged on by Mrs. Voorhees, and being terrorized by a whole lotta Jasons, you enter Elm St.

From what they told us, this is the first time they’ve had a to-scale fa├žade in the middle of a maze. Straight up, you walk up to 1428 Elm St. Two little girls playing jump rope deliver the first creep out in Freddy’s world. Then once you walk through the red door, all bets are off. You’re in Freddy’s nightmare. And yes, I scared the hell out of myself in the boiler room section. They had mirrors everywhere, man. I was so keyed up I looked in one, saw myself, and jumped. It happens!

The last third of the Freddy vs. Jason house is the actual rumble itself. Utilizing live actors and video, the house puts you in the ring with the two icons. Who wins? I won’t reveal that but it may not be the same ending for everyone. HHN is crafty like that.

For more information about the attraction, check out the Halloween Horror Nights website and watch the announcement video for Freddy vs Jason below.

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