'Friday The 13th 1980' Part Of October Film Feast

Nitehawk Cinema is New York's original sit down theater screening eatery. As such, it contains a lot of cinema history and caters to those cinephiles that enjoy a night out enjoying film without the interruption of loud teens and other distractions. Well, coming this Halloween season, Nitehawk will be premiering their October Film Feast while showing the original franchise starter Friday The 13th 1980!

Catering the feast is Meat Hook and they are offering a fun Friday The 13th themed menu for all to enjoy. Make your way out to this special event on Tuesday October 13th, 2015 and for more information, please visit www.nitehawkcinema.com.

From Nitehawk Cinema
For our October Film Feast, Nitehawk is teaming up with some folks with blood on their hands, the butchers at The Meat Hook, for a five course meal that’s been stabbed, sliced, and seared like a misbehaving camp counselor.


“Frank’s Delicatessen Pork Roll Sandwich”
blood pork roll sandwich
Drink pairing: Milk and Honey On The Other Side – milk washed rye whiskey and fresh lemon, orange blossom honey syrup

“Snake Three Ways”
Meat Hook’s The Cougar, Long Dong Bud, and Lamb Gyro sausages
Drink pairing: Snake Bite and Black – Köstritzer Black Lager, dry English cider, Creme de Mure

“Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon”
bacon wrapped Thai shrimp, Devils on horseback, bacon rillette on crostini, Meat Hook lamb bacon, tomato & bacon lettuce wrap, bacon jam on brioche
Drink pairing: Bloody Bacon – bacon infused Absolut Vodka, smoked house bloody mary mix

butcher’s cut, roasted mushrooms, potato puree
Drink pairing: Blackout Punch – Bulldog Gin, basil and plum shrub, oleo saccharum, soda water

“Crystal Lake Granita”
coconut water and lime granita
Drink pairing: Water of Death – Death’s Door Gin, Eau de Vie Poire Williams, Lemon Juice, Champagne