Contact Sheets Show Alice And Mrs. Voorhees Fight In Friday The 13th 1980

It is always an interesting sight to see a scene being prepared for filming. So many people are needed to set the scene that it is imperative that everyone works together as a team. That held especially true when filming Friday The 13th 1980 as the crew was strapped with a limited budget and their schedule forced the production to use every frame captured on film. The fight sequences between Mrs. Voorhees and Alice Hardy were especially intense.

Betsy Palmer and Adrienne King had three major physical encounters towards the end of Friday The 13th 1980 and each of those encounters had to be carefully choreographed to utilize the time needed to complete the film. Below are a few contact sheets depicting the filming of the fight sequence between Mrs. Voorhees and Alice Hardy in the utility/storage cabin. Director Sean Cunningham can be scene in certain frames of the contact sheets below giving pointers to the actresses to assist in their physical altercations.

These two actresses went through a lot to create these memorable scenes and Adrienne King, especially, has mentioned stories of a few bumps and bruises acquired along the way!

Contact Sheets Courtesy His Name Was Jason Docuomentary
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