Citizens of Crystal Lake Part 1: Enos the Truck Driver

With plot details for the Friday the 13th series slowly beginning to bleed out from the CW, it’s becoming evident that a strong focus will be placed on Crystal Lake’s citizens old and new.With the native Crystal Lake’ers said to be nervously playing hush regarding their home area’s dirty little secret in relation to the Voorhees legacy, and the newer habitants’ eventual awareness of the threat that looms in their forests, viewers can expect to be introduced to many unique residents guaranteed to bring quirky characterizations to the show.

While casting has yet to be revealed, Friday fans cannot help but feel nostalgic and look back on the many local faces that have provided memorable moments throughout the series. From “prophets of doom” warning visitors of their impending deaths to service workers attempting to stay tight-lipped about Crystal Lake’s legacy, these characters have been humorous, foreshadowing and repeated scene stealers. While waiting to add new names to the list, let’s look back on some of these unforgettable locals.

No Crystal Lake census could begin without starting at the beginning, with everyone’s favourite ride and town gossip, Enos. Portrayed by Rex Everhart, Enos is initially found hanging out in the local Stan Hope diner just outside of Crystal Lake, where he’s known by name…almost like the area’s Norm from Cheers.

Annie, our seeming heroine until she unexpectedly meets an early and grisly demise, enters the café slash convenience store to request directions to the camp and Enos is willingly volunteered to give her a lift half way to the location, as it is on his route delivering for Elston Oil Supply.Enos quickly establishes himself as a hero, as he scares off local crazy Ralph who attempts to frighten Annie with warnings of Crystal Lake’s DEATH CURSSSSEEE!!! Not only that, Enos can officially claim to be the originator of the label of “Prophet of Doom” while shooing ole’ Ralph away. Mind you, Enos may not think that we the viewers noticed that after establishing himself as Annie’s lothario that he sneakily cops a feel while boosting her into his truck.

Enos wastes no time filling the role of town gossip and narrative context provider. He urges Annie to quit her position as camp cook, giving background on the area’s bad luck including murders, arsons and water poisonings; as well as one especially tragic drowning.

"An American original” Everhart had a bright career as a well rounded character actor appearing in a range of projects including tv’s “Car 54, Where Are You?” and classic films such as the Christopher Reeves starring Superman (1978) and as one of the lead voices of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast (1991).  But Everhart was even more celebrated for his work as a stage actor, appearing as a regular for several years in the American Shakespeare Festival and even being nominated for a Tony Award in 1978 for his performance in the musical “Working”.

While sadly Everhart passed away in 2000, he will forever stay in the hearts of Friday fans by providing a short yet memorable appearance in the original film.  While voicing distaste for the young generation and their “head full of rocks,” his concern for Annie felt genuine and sincere…despite the fact that she would likely have not met her end via slashed throat in the woods had he sprung for giving her a ride all the way to Camp Crystal Lake!