Watch Jason Voorhees Battle Predator In 'Mortal Kombat X'

It has been nearly two months since Jason Voorhees was inserted into the Mortal Kombat universe for fans to play and destroy his peers. He has been one of the more popular DLC characters to ever be added to the game, but now he gets some real competition as Predator is joining the fight this week! To celebrate his launch in the game, The Mortal Kombat Community Youtube channel has launched the Predator trailer.

Of note is the particularly brutal face off between Jason and Predator. Check out the trailer below and get ready for Jason to be welcomed to the Jungle.

Jason can be purchased now utilizing the following fighting styles:

- Slasher: This variation focuses on Jason using his iconic weapon of choice, the machete. He can use it to strike opponents in combos as well as a projectile.

- Relentless: This variation focuses on teleportation, for which he disappears into mist on one side of the screen and out from the other. This is a really cool feature that is reminiscent of the films when he stalks victims. This Jason wears a more metallic hockey mask.

- Unstoppable: This variation might be the best as it contains a nifty "Pursuit" option that strikes fear into your opponent and can disorientate them. Jason also wears the iconic chain around his neck from Part 7 for this variation. The chain has two different abilities associated with it, one that regenerates health and one that makes him dish out more damage. Also, this Jason can’t be killed.....well at least not the first time. Once an opponent player "kills" Jason, the game will take whatever portion of his meter remains and resurrect Mr. Voorhees with up to 20% health. Basically, Jason comes back from the dead, just like in the Friday the 13th films.