Sideshow Posts Reveal Video And Pre-Order Date For Legend Of Crystal Lake Figure

Last Halloween our readers were teased by Sideshow Collectibles with news of a brand new Jason Voorhees Premium Format figure from Friday The 13th Part 3. Nothing was known about the figure outside of the fact that it was going to release in 2015, but images were released this past March detailing what fans could expect to see with this new figure. Now, Sideshow has released an awesome video showcasing Jason Voorhees and all of his accessories.

The Legend of Crystal Lake Premium Format™ Figure can now be verified as coming with the harpoon gun seen in Part 3 and the hockey mask can be removed. The Premium Format rendition of Jason from Part 3 sports a cloth shirt and pants with a bloodied machete. The coolest feature is the base which highlights some of the memorable kills in the film. The new Jason Voorhees figure can be pre-ordered starting July 30, 2015 at for a hefty price tag of $469.99.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think about this latest Jason figure!

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