What Fans Want To See In A New Friday The 13th Film

Friday The 13th 2009 did an admirable job of reintroducing the back story of Mrs. Voorhees and her demented son Jason along with re-establishing the curse of Crystal Lake with the new generation of Horror fans. Still, a number of fans feel like there are still more key elements to the story (i.e. look and feel) that should should have been incorporated back into the new adventures of Jason Voorhees and Crystal Lake.

With the new Friday The 13th being released into theaters on January 13, 2017, we thought a nice list of general fan requests/concerns would serve our readers well in finding out what everyone would like to see in the next Friday The 13th film. Let us know in the Comment Section below if you agree and what else you would like to see in the new film.

Keep The Setting At Camp Crystal Lake
There is something to be said for keeping the location simple and not over thinking the simple plot of what made a franchise famous. In the case of the first Friday The 13th, the isolated camp setting of Steve Christie's Camp Crystal Lake was a character in itself in the original 1980 film and it's lack of presence in many of the sequels in the past 30 plus years is truly mind boggling. Sure, the camp has made brief appearances throughout the films (Jason Takes Manhattan, Jason Goes To Hell, Jason X, Freddy vs Jason, and of course in much longer duration in Jason Lives), but we have not had an entire movie based in the camp setting as much as the classic first film.

This is where Paramount would be smart to bring the franchise full circle and place unsuspecting teens in the place where it all began!

More Relatable Characters
Lets be honest here, Friday The 13th characters are never going to help an actor win an Academy Award, although there have been some memorable performances that make for entertaining moments in the franchise (Larry Zerner as Shelly in Part 3, Carol Locatell as Ethel in A New Beginning). That being said, fans want relatable characters to cheer for, either for or against. The fans like characters that they can emotionally attach to so they can feel the real terror and anxiety of being stalked by a killer, which makes the film more scary. Conversely, the audience sometimes may want a truly villainous character not named Jason Voorhees to dislike and ultimately root against.

The one common theme our readers have expressed is that they don't want Abercrombie and Fitch models populating the screen, acting like complete jerks. No one will care one way or another if those kind of stereotypes live or die!

More Friday The 13th Style Stalk And Slash
For all of the great moments in Friday The 13th 2009, one of the key elements that was left out during filming was the first person point of view shots of the killer. The 2009 film was touted as a re-imagining of the first four films, but not once did the audience get the eerie sense of the killer watching the ill-fated teens before their demise. Heck, even the critically panned and fanboy hated Jason Goes To Hell pulled that off with a good level of respect for the franchise during the Camp Crystal Lake scene.

If the next film could successfully mesh this point of view shot with some great classic chase scenes (nothing may ever top the almost 20 minute chase scene with Jason and Chris in Part 3) then you have a recipe for something special.

Our Jason Voorhees Should Look Like...
We have had a few movies now where Jason wears a jacket. Everyone understands that Jason lives in the woods and he probably gets cold, but if the new film does take place in the Summer the next go around, then lets get back to the classic look of Jason from Part 3 or The Final Chapter. Jason's look was pretty cool in the 2009 movie, and maybe just removing the jacket from his ensemble would suffice, but many fans, especially those devoted since the franchise's inception want Jason without a jacket.

Also, the debate rages on still on who should return to play Jason Voorhees... Derek Mears or Kane Hodder. Derek was spectacular in the role and played the character much differently than Kane did. Different film, and quite frankly different era. Derek should get first dibs on the role. He truly earned it.
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