Using The Original Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter Ending

Ever since the Deluxe Edition DVD of Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter was released and the original ending was unveiled, the fans have been split on its use in the film. Should Director Joe Zito have stuck with that original ending? As it stands now, the ending that is in the final print is a great one and was the perfect way to end the film and quite possibly the franchise.

Proponents of keeping the original ending would argue that it fit perfectly into the established formula set by the previous three films as each of the previous films had dream sequences with that final jump scare before rolling into the credits. The last scene in the theatrical release of The Final Chapter did not have this last jump scare, but perhaps that was the point. The film was meant to be final and have Jason completely obliterated. What do our readers think? Do you like the final product as is, with Tommy's glare into the camera while hugging Trish in the hospital, or should the original ending have been used with Jason appearing to kill Trish?

Also, would you like to see Paramount or now Warner Bros. offer an extended edition of the movie with the original ending added in as an alternative viewing experience? Perhaps they could bring Kimberly Beck in to do voice over work and use stock music from Harry Manfredini for the lost ending?

Watch The Alternative Ending