How Fans Helped Add Mrs. Voorhees To Friday The 13th 2009

When the word "remake" leaked out when the proposed new Friday the 13th movie was in development back in 2007, many fans salivated at the chance to see Mrs. Voorhees back in action once again. Eventually, it was revealed that the character may appear with more of a cameo role within the overall story of the franchise reinvention.

After a round of test screenings for Friday The 13th 2009 revealed that Mrs. Voorhees was not included in the film at all, many fans were outraged that the character that was such a central part of the story of the franchise had been excluded. The outcries of the loyal followers of the films did not go unnoticed as eventually a compressed re-enactment of the ending of original 1980 film was added to the very beginning of the 2009 film during the opening credits.

Platinum Dunes Producer Brad Fuller explained to Shock Till You Drop back in June 2009 the reasons for adding Mrs. Voorhees into the film:

"We did not have Mama Voorhees in the movie when we tested it,""That's because we felt it wasn't shot in the way it needed to be shot and we didn't know how to get it into the movie. Then when we tested the movie and the outcry online that she wasn't in the movie was so loud that it forced us to re-look at what we were doing and it forced us to put that scene in the beginning. And I think the movie is better for it. We pay attention a lot."

It is great to see that the Producers were paying attention to the fans. There are some people that think the opening was rushed and should have been expanded, but just including that little bit in the opening of the film with Mrs. Voorhees did indeed make the film stronger.