Fans Affected Change In Pushing Out Found Footage For Friday The 13th Reboot

There has been an outpouring of negative reactions towards the premise of the new Friday The 13th film being found footage that traces all the way back to 2011 when the premise was first mentioned on the World Wide Web. For years, fans have been pleading with Warner Bros., Platinum Dunes, and now Paramount Pictures to ditch that style of film-making and stick with a more traditional way to go back to Crystal Lake. We have reported on our website a few times that even up until last year, the found footage angle was still a possibility. Now, an exclusive interview with Shock Till You Drop reveals that not only is that idea dead and gone, but fans had a direct hand in exterminating the idea.

According to Platinum Dune's Brad Fuller, the group ultimately could not come with a solid way to approach Jason Voorhees at Crystal Lake killing kids primarily through a character's video lens. However, the Friday The 13th fans were heard loud and clear and helped finally sway the production team away from found footage as well.

From Shock
“I could just say that for a long time we were stalled,” Fuller tells Shock. “I think you guys reported that the movie was going to be a found footage movie and that was a road that we went down and tried to figure out. Ultimately, I think Michael, Drew and I felt that we couldn’t figure that out, so we kind of jettisoned that whole notion and we had to start over. We’re in the latter phases of that starting over and hopefully we’re getting a script in the next month or two, and we’ll go back to Crystal Lake.”

Fuller also spoke to how fan expectations weigh on their films, and it seems the ensuing outcry over a hypothetical found footage Friday had a direct effect. “It absolutely weighs on me, and there have been many times when the fans have affected surely the way we think about, and in some cases the way we shot, some of the stories. Sometimes you have to go through a lot of bullshit in what they’re saying, but very often you’ll get a fan with such a great idea, or a great notion, and it’s meaningful to us,” Fuller says. “Listen, there was an outpouring of negative sentiment when it was revealed that Friday the 13th might have been a found footage movie. That was very clear to us that there was not a groundswell of support for that. That had tremendous amount of impact on us and only substantiated our concern about doing it as a found footage movie. Ultimately, the fact that the movie’s been delayed for a long time might be a good thing, because now the movie’s not going to be found footage.”

Hopefully by August or September production will begin!