Young Jason and Pamela Voorhees NECA Figures To Be SDCC Exclusives.

We reported this past Friday The 13th of March that NECA would be producing a brand new 1/6 scale figure of not only Pamela Voorhees, but young Jason as well to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Friday The 13th. Since then, fans and collectors have been speculating on when we can expect to see these highly anticipated figures in stores for purchase. One fan asked NECA on Twitter this past weekend and he got a response.

According to Randy Faulk from NECA, both Pamela and young Jason Voorhees are going to be SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) exclusives. Now, don't worry too much if you're not planning on attending the event in July. The past few years, NECA has offered a limited number of SDCC exclusives online to purchase during the event in San Diego. We'll let everyone know more about the online sales of the figure as the convention draws near.

Keep an eye out for new images of the figures and packaging design in the coming month. Who's excited to finally get a licensed figure of a young Jason Voorhees?