The Dark Delicacies Show Interviews Kane Hodder

Dark Delicacies is a famous Horror shop where fans of the genre can find books, films, and other collectibles to satisfy your fandom. The shop is located in Burbank, California and as such has hosted numerous autograph sessions to help promote different book and film releases. A few years ago, they even hosted the Crystal Lake Memories documentary signing session with numerous alumni of the films in attendance.

The shop also hosts their own Youtube show on Rapid Heart TV and is hosted by Dark Delicacies' owner Del Howison. Del recently interviewed Jason actor Kane Hodder while he was in the shop helping Adam Green promote his latest film release Digging Up The Marrow. The pair briefly discuss how Kane met Adam Green and how well they work together as well as Kane's children and their willingness to act in Hollywood. It's a fun little interview so check that out below and make sure to let us know your thoughts in our Comments Section.

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