Friday The 13th Modernized Trailers Part 1

It is a good bet that many fans have viewed the Friday The 13th films at least twice if not much more often. After a while, certain films can lose some of that luster than made you a fan, which is why so many of our readers clamor for lost footage or unseen cut endings. The same can be said for the theatrical trailers that have been circulated around the Internet for decades. What if you could watch new, modernized trailers for the films? Could they bring a new nostalgic angle to how you think of the movies?

Now you have one person's modern perspective to behold as the Youtube user theSupercasa has created new trailers for the first eight films in the franchise and they definitely offer a varied look at your favorite films! Here we have featured the modernized trailers for the first four films below and they each give fans of the franchise a new fresh take on these classics.

Watch the last four films

My favorite is the trailer for Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter. It's blending of iconic scenes with intense rock music is sharp contrast to the actual mood of the film. Check out the trailers below and let us know your favorite!

Friday The 13th (1980) 


Friday The 13th Part 2

Friday The 13th Part 3

Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter