Fright-Rags Reveals 35th Anniversary 'Friday The 13th 1980' Shirt

If you're a fan of the original film in the franchise (and how can you not be), then you know that Friday The 13th 1980 is celebrating it's 35th Anniversary this year. Such a milestone will be indeed be applauded by fans around the globe, but it is definitely an accent on the festivities when anniversary memorabilia is created for heighten the mood.

Fright-Rags has just revealed their new Friday The 13th 1980 shirt to coincide with the anniversary and it is indeed a limited edition run. According to the shirt company's Facebook page, the apparel will is part of only one run and will debut for sale at this weekend's Monster Mania convention which takes place in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. The rest of the shirts will go on sale on the Fright-Rags website next Wednesday.

If you're not attending the convention this weekend, make sure to check back at Fright-Rag's website next week to get your scary Mrs. Voorhees of terror shirt.