Dream match-up: Cinematic Wolverine versus Jason Voorhees!

Being a comic book reader, I always enjoyed reading stories in which characters from different franchises or series mix up together temporarily. For example DC Comics had published many comics of Superman encountering Wonder Woman or Batman or Green Lantern. Over the side of Marvel, there were times when Spider-Man encountered the X-Men or the Fantastic Four.

And then there were those inter-company crossovers between comic book publishers: Superman versus Spider-Man, Batman versus the Incredible Hulk, Deathmate (Valiant Comics and some members of Image Comics), etc. As we have seen on the big screen, we have seen Freddy and Jason fight each other.

The one fantasy movie crossover I would like to see happen - even though the chance of it happening is very unlikely, even hopeless - is between Jason (played by Derek Mears) and the cinematic Wolverine (played by Hugh Jackman).

Imagine these two pop culture icons go against each other on the big screen. It's unlikely to happen sadly

Think about it. Wolverine has his Adamantium claws and skeleton, healing factor and is very deadly in combat. Jason meanwhile is unrelenting on killing and stalking, has proven to be proficient in weapon despite having no training (he really sets his mind to accomplishing things) and as the movies have shown he always comes back!

Differences between them? Even though he is tough, Wolverine has some personal weaknesses, is troubled over his past and at times feels fear or insecurity. Jason is fearless (except for the water in Freddy vs. Jason) and simply never stops to kill and attack.

I can also imagine Wolverine and Jason fighting more than once in a crossover movie if it would ever happen. Now if only Fox, Marvel, Paramount and New Line Cinema would get together to make it come true.

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