The Props Museum: Jason Voorhees Head Cowl And Torso From Friday The 13th 2009

Another set of new additions to the Friday The 13th Props Museum, owned by Mario Kirner, is from Friday The 13th 2009 and is a great addition to the growing amount of items collected from the latest film in the franchise. Today we have the head cowl and torso appliance Derek Mears wore as the Jason character in the film.

Three of these sets were used during filming. This cowl and chest appliance set is the most intact left from the production. Mario staged the new props with his previously acquired screen worn shirt and pants that Derek also wore in the film. Together, these pieces of Friday The 13th film history look great together and remind us of how truly menacing Jason look in the 2009 film!

Make sure to visit the rest of the Friday The 13th Props Museum to see the other extraordinary items Mario has collected from the films over the years.

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