The Longstanding Debate And Fate Of Muffin In Friday The 13th Part 2

There is sure to be some debate over whether or not Terri's dog Muffin died at the hands of Jason Voorhees in Friday The 13th Part 2. The two sides of the debate argue that either the dog corpse discovered by Jeff and Sandra was another dog as Muffin shows up later in the ending of the film, or that the ending is a dream and muffin indead was found dead in the woods. Lets look at the facts found in the film as well as behind the scenes.

In the film, Muffin wonders off into the woods of Crystal Lake and happens upon Jason Voorhees. Muffin walks up to the feet of Jason and stares up at him with a transition to a scene with an image of hot dogs being grilled over an open fire. The scene is humorous, but did fans really think that Jason would kill the dog? Just a short time later in the film, Jeff and Sandra go trespassing at Camp Crystal Lake and find a mangled dog that looks exactly like Muffin. Near the very ending of the film, Ginny and Paul have escaped Jason's shack and settle into one of the cabins back at the counselor training center. A noise is heard at the door and Paul opens the door to discover a Muffin, very much alive. As Ginny stands up from the bed to greet Muffin, Jason crashed through the window and seemingly drags Ginny outside.

Those are the moments with the dog Muffin that are unmistakeable. Now, how do the fans interpret these scenes? To start with, screenwriter Ron Kurz has mentioned in Peter Bracke's book Crystal Lake Memories that the ending window crash scene was intended to be grounded in reality and not a dream. However, the scene clearly is filmed to be a dream sequence as immediately following the shocking moment, the scene dissolves into white and suddenly EMT workers are carting Ginny away in an ambulance. Obviously, if Jason did grab Ginny, she wouldn't be alive and being taken to a hospital, right? If this information reinforces a dream, then Muffin never showed up in the camp alive.

Opponents of Muffin's death in the film stick by their belief that the dog survived and the ending was not a dream. If that's the case what evidence is their that Paul indeed survived that night and how is it explained that Ginny survived after being taken by Jason through the window?