New Friday The 13th Game Slashes Indie Competition

It's been just over a week since Crystal Lake Entertainment announced their intentions to release an official game based on the Friday The 13th films. There is a lot of anticipation among the fans for the project, even more so for some than the new film that is in development. There is still nine months to wait before Jason Voorhees reportedly invades consoles once again, but he looks to have already claimed his first gaming victim.

Thanks to Bloody Disgusting, we have learned that Crystal Lake Entertainment has slapped a copyright claim against the makers of the independent game titled Last Year. The developers of that game had been running a Kickstater campaign to raise funds to create their multiplayer Horror experience, which had raised over $114,000 to date. The concept art of the Last Year is so similar to Jason Voorhees, along with their premise of a 80's slasher experience, that Sean Cunningham felt the indie game was too close to what he is developing for his Friday The 13th game and a copyright infringement notice was inevitable.

This move shows that Sean Cunningham is very serious in the creation of a new officially licensed video game and that it will be interesting to learn if the makers of Last Year will either be asked to simply change the likeness of their killer and some basic concepts of their game or if the entire project itself will have to be scrapped.