Lar Park Lincoln Joins 'The New Blood' Reunion This Friday The 13th

In a few weeks, the first of three Friday The 13th dates will arrive in 2015 and fans will always have their ways of  of celebrating that most unlucky of days. With that being said, one of fan's favorite Final Girls was recently announced to be attending an event on Friday The 13th which has her joining fellow alumni from her film.

Lar Park Lincoln (Tina, Friday The 13th Part 7: The New Blood) will be attending Mad Mobster on February 13th in Chicago, Illinois. Lar joins her Jason Voorhees costar Kane Hodder and director John Carl Buechler from Part 7 as a quasi little reunion for the film. Remember, this is the same convention that Kane will be dressed up in the actual Jason Voorhees costume from The New Blood for photo ops. Maybe you can convince Lar to jump into those photos wearing her outfit from the film?

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