Friday The 13th As A Standalone Film And Still Being A Classic

Many view the original Friday The 13th as one of the best Horror films of the twentieth century. Not only does the film contain great characters and writing, but the direction and cinematography is right up there with other classic Horror films such as Black Christmas, Halloween, etc. So the question must be asked, would Friday The 13th still be regarded a classic if there was no franchise and sequels proceeding the 1980 film?

It's an interesting question and one that needs some some serious consideration. Realistically, Friday The 13th 1980 is not held in high regard by the newer generation of fans who view Mrs. Voorhees' reign of terror a bit tame compared to the Jason Voorhees adventures seen later in the series. Of course, I feel that the original film is truly the best entry in the franchise that set the foundation for all of the films that proceeded it.

Would you still call Friday The 13th 1980 a classic if it was a standalone film?

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