Fangoria Magazine And The Friday the 13th Films

Fangoria Magazine is synonymous with the Friday the 13th franchise and the decade of the 1980's. During that era, horror fans could only get the latest news and information about Friday The 13th and horror movies by reading the Fango Mag, which was usually bought at some corner comic or grocery store. In a lot of ways, parents viewed the Horror publication as being worse than porn magazines.

Older teenagers had the meteoric rise of MTV to saturate their angst and social awkwardness in the 1980's, but many young boys and girls heading into their pre-teens were enthralled with the horror boom in the film industry. Kids wanted to be exposed to as much horror as possible and Fangoria helped give not only reports on upcoming genre films, but unprecedented behind the scenes access to how the movies were made. Horror served as an outlet for the every day grind of finding out who you were and unleashing the stress of trying to appease parents and teachers. Fangoria Magazine served as that outlet and so much more.

The magazine would also become a part of pop culture, an involuntary champion of all things horror and the poster child for the MPAA and their views in what was wrong with society and the filmmaking being used to exploit it. Fighting through all the political offerings of the time, Fangoria rose to the occasion and brought a unique view of movie making to people of all ages. The type of access they provided shed light on the creativity and art of what horror films possessed and actually influenced a number of makeup effects people in the industry today.

The flagship franchise to cover for Fangoria was the Friday The 13th films, as well as the television series. Jason Voorhees and his adventures were polarizing for readers. The movies and the magazine went hand in hand and provided a unique time capsule of the decade. This time capsule can be viewed in examining the different Fangoria magazines that featured Friday the 13th articles and news.

We have been featuring numerous issues from the magazine throughout the years and will be bringing our readers new looks into the further issues that discussed the films in the 1980's and beyond. Who knows what treasures we will find!