6-13: A Friday The 13th Movie Trivia Book Is A Great Companion For The Franchise

Author Gene DeRosa is obviously a fan of the Friday The 13th franchise as his attention to detail in creating his book 6-13: A Friday The 13th Movie Trivia Book is nothing short of stellar. With a forward by Ari Lehman, the first actor to lay claim to portraying Jason Voorhees on film, the trivia book is jam packed with informational tidbits on the films. There are some really easy trivia for those fans who have followed the franchise for decades, but there are also some really difficult open ended trivia questions that take some thinking about to resolve the answers.

Each section of the book are laid out in themes, such as “Behind the Scenes” with great questions about the making of the films in the franchise as well as “Killer Mommy”, all about Pamela Voorhees herself. Gene DeRosa doesn't settle for just good information, he goes beyond the usual information to add additional factoids that our readers will definitetly enjoy. This is more than just a small traditional trivia book.

Also included in the book, besides trivia questions, are the following:
- A story timeline of all the films in the franchise
- A list of everyone actor who has played Jason and Mrs. Voorhees
- A list of all the Friday The 13th comics published
- Film locations

For fans who like lists on the kills in the franchise, the trivia book includes a KILL INDEX, which details the weapons used in each scene.

Final thoughts on this great trivia book are that Gene truly put a lot of time and effort into researching the facts put into his publication and also made it interesting to read in the process with the different sections given fun names. The book currently costs only $6.99 in paperback and can be purchased at samsonpublishingcompany.com. If you're a fan of the films and want a compact and well put together book to test you and your friend's knowledge on the films, this is the perfect companion to do so.

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