Platinum Dunes Named 2014 Producers Of The Year

It's interesting to see how far the production company Platinum Dunes has come since first remaking The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. That film received mostly positive reviews from critics and fans and drove the then fledgling company to the forefront of the Horror remake genre. Their subsequent releases made lots of money, but also divided the Horror community with many fans upset by the their perceived lack of passion and incoherent storytelling by Platinum Dunes. There is no doubt that the company was a factory for churning out whatever nostalgic property was available and the 2000's were a ripe time to remake old genre classics.

It's no surprise now that Michael Bay, Andrew Form, and Brad Fuller have expanded into larger film productions and television as well, and that is a large reason for their recognized success. Due to their prior successes and releases in 2014 of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Purge: Anarchy, and Ouija, The Hollywood Reporter announced yesterday that they have picked Platinum Dunes to be their 2014 Producers Of The Year!

Say what you want about the company, but they have definitely left a mark in not only Horror, but now in Action films and television dramas. With the company preparing a new Friday The 13th to be released in 2015, we look forward to their next trip back to Crystal Lake and what they have in store for the film industry in the future. For more, read the interview from The Hollywood Reporter with the trio of producers to find out more about the their backgrounds and what's to come.