Could Barry And Claudette Have Let Jason Drown In Friday The 13th 1980?

A few years ago, we reviewed the comic Friday The 13th: Pamela's Tale. In that comic, the origins of Pamela Voorhees and her son, Jason, were explored. One topic that is linked to the original film in the franchise is the question, who let Jason drown in Crystal Lake? The comic Pamela's Tale explains who the counselors were and the link is pretty surprising.

In the film Friday The 13th 1980, Mrs. Voorhees kills young Barry and Claudette in 1958 in the introduction to the film, just one year after her son Jason drowned in Crystal Lake. It was originally assumed that this was a random act by Pamela Voorhees to shut down the camp so no more kids would be hurt and also to exact her revenge. However, what if Pamela had a more centralized motive for her double homicide that fateful night in 1958?

During the story of the comic Pamela's Tale, Jason's drowning is detailed and the two counselor's in the comic have a striking resemblance to the Barry and Claudette characters from the 1980 film. In fact, the comic shows the two counselors who were making out when Jason drowned are the same two who are killed the next year by Pamela as seen in the original film. Although the comic is not based on any film material and does not have to be taken as canon, the facts of Mrs. Voorhees' true motive for killing the young nubile counselors in the beginning of the original film have never been explained past a random act of revenge. With this comic, you get a more thorough explanation for why Mrs. Voorhees would have chose Barry and Claudette to be killed in the 1980 film

Since there has never been any written documentation stating that an old draft of a script for the film shows Barry and Claudette's death as anything but random, fans may still be left to ponder the topic for years to come.

From Pamela's Tale Comic. Two counselors ignore Jason before he drowns.

From Pamela's Tale Comic: Mrs. Voorhees kills the same two counselors, similar to Friday The 13th 1980