Trailer #3 For 'Friday the 13th: A Film by John C. Gritton'

Friday The 13th fan web series and films are definitely hotter than ever in 2014 with numerous online projects already debuting their first and even second episodes. Now we can add a new fan film to the mix that promises to take a look at Mrs. Voorhees before and after her son drowns in Crystal Lake. Read below for more about the new film, titled Friday the 13th: A Film by John C. Gritton and check out the third trailer for the upcoming online release.

About Friday The 13th
The filmmakers who brought you "Stab 8" return to the roots of horror to bring you a new and unique look at Pamela Voorhees and her handicapped son, Jason. Living as outcasts Mrs. Voorhees has only her son, and when neglectful teenagers cause the boy to drown there are murderous consequences. A new look for a new audience at the classic tale of love, loss and horror.

As the single mother of a handicapped and deformed child in a small town Pamela Voorhees lives her life in isolation as an outcast. All she has in her life is her son Jason, and all he has is his mother. When Jason drowns at the summer camp where his mother works she will stop at nothing to make sure no child ever befalls victim to such circumstances, and wreaks vengeance on those that have caused her suffering.