Get Your 8-bit Jason And Mrs. Voorhees Hoodie From London 1888 Now

Will Friday The 13th fans ever get enough of the 8-bit Nintendo Jason Voorhees? If recent demand for figures and clothing are any indication, not by a long shot. The latest offering of the purple Jason variety is a pretty cool hoodie from London 1888 that not only features the video game Jason, but also momma Voorhees' head!

The hoodie will cost you $35 and is on pre-order right now at Bigcartel through this weekend. More about the sweat shirt can be found below.

Camp 1989 Hoodie
We've saved you the effort of going to the cave to pick up a sweater. Grab this one instead...

This item is currently a presale through this weekend only!! Order now and save 20 percent!! Also receive 2 limited edition pins to go with it (on presale orders only.) We want you to receive this item in time for Christmas, so the presale ends on Monday, November 10th. They will begin shipping at the end of November.