Props: Face Cast Of Kane Hodder In Jason X Make-Up

When Jason X went into production in 1999, fans were ecstatic about having Jason coming back to the big screen. The release of the film was supposed to be in 2000, but changes at New Line Cinema caused the film to be shelved temporarily and it would not be released until Spring 2002. In the interim, many behind the scenes photos were leaked online and eventually, the entire film was pirated over the World Wide Web.

One of the more talked about photos leaked online was that of the face of Jason himself. Fans thought that the makeup for Jason's face looked too goofy and cartoonish (Although there wasn't much better offered in Jason Takes Manhattan). Eventually, this was forgotten about as the film was released into theaters. However, for those diehard Jason X fans, here are some pics and information about how the make-up was used for a face cast.

Below is a rare hydro cal/plaster face cast of Kane Hodder from Jason X. This is a 100% authentic face cast of Kane Hodder's face when he was in makeup on set of Jason X. There is only one other cast in existence which was pulled from silicone. The face cast as well as the make-up for Kane Hodder were created by Toronto based effects company Toy Box. It is interesting to note that, normally, face casts are not taken of an actor with make-up applied, unless something special is being created for the character. In the case of Jason X, it was probably used to create the head of  the frozen dummy Jason on the examination table on the Grendel ship!

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