That Time The Jason X Set Photos Leaked During Production

In today's World Wide Web climate, social media has an immediate impact on our lives with news stories breaking every single second. In the entertainment industry, it is very difficult to keep images and videos from movie sets from leaking out to the public with people able to snap a pic on set and post instantly to Twitter and Facebook for the world to see. It's hard to believe that just ten years ago, behind the scenes production photos were not all that easy to leak online and usually the trades were the only media to receive exclusive photos and information from the set of new films.

Aint It Cool News was one of the first movie news websites to exist on the web and it was also one of the first sites to gain access to scoops about upcoming films, even obtaining on-set photos that movie studios scrambled furiously to have removed and taken down. Back in 2000, the once controversial movie news website was able to obtain  on-set photos of Jason X while the film was still in production. These leaked photos offered some of the first looks at Jason Voorhees from the film, including the frozen Jason dummy that was found in cryo-stasis in the film as well as the corridors of the Grendel ship. Of course, the most exciting photo showcased Kane Hodder getting prepped while in the Jason Voorhees costume for a scene in the film.

As we all know now, the film was originally set to be released that same year in 2000, but was eventually delayed to 2002 due to a shake-up in management at New Line Cinema. Jason X was the first Friday The 13th film to go into production in the modern age of the Internet and World Wide Web and as a result it was the first film in the franchise to have leaked production photos hit the web before New Line Cinema pushed the marketing machine button.

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