Early Advertising For Franchise With Friday The 13th 1980 Press Book

Many fans know about and have seen press kits that have been released for the different Friday the 13th films throughout the years. These kits are basically folders containing booklets that explain the synopsis of the film, actor filmography and separate 8 x 11 promotional images. Press Books are similar with a few major differences.

Friday The 13th 1980 had one such Press Book created for the film and it has all of the requisite information similar to the Press Kits. The main differences between the Kit and Book are all of the images are contained in the book as opposed to be separate glossy images and the big addition in the Press Book is the pre-made ads for using in newspapers and magazines. There are varying sizes and tag lines used depending on the size and shape of the ad.

Take a look at the scans of some of the pages from the book, located below, and see what it was like for a theater company or print media outlet to promote movies before the World Wide Web became a common place for adverting films!