Darb Designz Creates The Damaged Uber-Jason Metallic Hockey Mask

Darb Designz has been producing some excellent replica masks for characters from the film Mortal Kombat as well as some great sculpts for the Terminator films, so it was no surprise when artist Brad Zonka was going to tackle a great project featuring Jason X. For all of the faults of Jason X, one of the best parts of the film was the design of the mechanized Jason Voorhees. The look is sleek and really streamlined the character in space.

The mask and prop company just recently revealed their latest Uber Jason mask replica and it is from the end of Jason X where the burnt metallic hockey mask lay at the bottom of the lake on Earth 2. Check out the images of the mask below and witness the great detail that matched up very well to the screen-used mask.

For more information and to inquire about purchasing, please visit their Facebook Page and enjoy the other work as well!

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