Famous Monsters Reflects on Original Friday the 13th Soundtrack

Forrest J Ackerman’s long running magazine Famous Monsters of Filmland continues to entertain genre fans with nostalgic reminiscing on creatures and boogeymen who’ve been frightening filmgoers since the creation of the art form.  With issue 275, listed as September/October but available now on newsstands, the touted “World’s First Monster Fan Magazine” is no exception with an awe-inspiring newsstand cover celebrating the 30th anniversary of Ivan Reitman’s Ghostbusters and especially for a great look back on the original Friday the 13th soundtrack!
Contributing writer D.M. Cunningham (no relation) reflects back with great praise on the composition and long lasting impact of Harry Manfredini’s work on the 1980 surprise hit slasher.  In the article entitled “Terror by Design: Six Stabbing Syllables,” Cunningham interviews Manfredini himself on the inspiration of his composition, including the creation of the legendary Ki Ki Ki Ma Ma Ma theme.  Reflecting on his work, Manfredini discusses his intention of personifying the unseen killer through the theme while also providing a lush and sometimes deceiving soundtrack to the picture.

To further the discussion, Cunningham also interviews original stars Adrienne King (Alice Hardy) and Ari Lehman (Jason Voorhees) who both disclose the first time they viewed the film with soundtrack and it’s lasting legacy in the film world.

The article offers both insight and well deserved praise for Manfredini’s often overlooked contribution to the history of film soundtracks, rightfully positioning it in impact with other classics such as Psycho, Jaws and Halloween and arguing for Manfredini’s deserved position amongst other celebrated composers as John Williams. 
Famous Monsters #275 is well worth its cover price for not only the great Friday piece, but also engaging explorations of Ghostbusters with many unseen set photos, a retrospective on the original Planet of the Apes series (an alternate Apes cover is also available), a remembrance piece on classic Universal actress Carla Laemmle, and many more. 

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