Friday The 13th Memorabilia Video Tour

Part of being a fan of the Friday The 13th films is the ability to collect merchandise and memorabilia from the franchise to display for others to see as well as learn a little something about the productions. When I was younger, I mainly collected the movies and magazines that had articles about Jason and the films. It wasn't until I got into my late teens and early twenties that I saw a real value in owning production used items and the different types of marketing materials created to aid in promoting Friday The 13th to the public.

Collecting marketing materials and production items has truly given invaluable gifts to my fandom for the series and I proudly display them for whoever wants to learn a little something more about the franchise than just Jason and his hockey mask. Below is a tiny video tour of some of my favorite items that have been collected over the years. Each item comes with a story, and has some historical significance either personal or cinematic.

See if you can recognize the items in the video and please let us know if you own the same items or even more than what is seen here and enjoy!

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