Lobby Card Of The Day: German 1980 And Swimming Ned

Continuing our long delayed segment on lobby cards, today we bring you the staple of any good prankster in a slasher film, and that is the art of playing dead for attention. This lobby card was made for German theaters and is simplistic in design as most lobby cards were produced for the original film in the franchise.

In this famous scene from Friday The 13th 1980, Ned pretends to drown in Crystal Lake while the counselors are taking a break from a hard afternoon of preparing the camp for opening day. Brenda and Jack dive into the water to save Ned. Brenda surfaces with a seemingly unconscious Ned and thus performs CPR, much to Ned's approval!

Freitag der 13 is displayed in the lower right corner of the card, which translates Friday the 13th in German!