Jason Voorhees Has His Eye On You With New Artwork

Artist Jason Edmiston has been creating some truly spectacular art pieces depicting Jason Voorhees and the Friday The 13th film franchise over the years and his Rogue Gallery show late last Summer was a hit with his Friday The 13th Part 3 artwork. Since that time, he has been churning out numerous Horror genre pieces for various shows and exhibitions and now Jason has cooked up a devilishly clever portrait of our favorite Crystal Lake slasher.

Created for the Tiny Trifecta show at The Cotton Candy Machine in Brooklyn, New York, Jason's "Features" series includes an eye popping take on Mr. Voorhees whereas the killer's eye is the focus of the piece. The acrylic painting was created on a 5" x 7" wood panel and will be selling for $100. For more information on the show, visit www.thecottoncandymachine.com.

To see all of the work of Jason Edmiston, visit jasonedmiston.com and also follow his work on Instagram. Let us know what you think of this original idea of art for Jason Voorhees in the comments below!

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