Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part 6 Set-Used Production Binder

During the production of films, many of the crew members and cast have their own scripts, Call Sheets and camera reports that document and outline the shooting schedule of a particular film. We were able to to attain an original binder of such documents a few years ago that was used on the set of Jason Lives: Friday The 13th: Part 6.

The binder was used by mechanical effects artist Ken Sher and has the working title Aladdin Sane written on the front cover. Inside, it contains the script written by Tom McLoughlin for which his original ending of Martin the caretaker meeting Mr. Voorhees takes place. The cover page of the script is signed by Tom, his wife Nancy (who played head counselor Lizbeth in the film), and Jason actor C.J. Graham. Inside the script pages are various notes made by Ken Sher pertaining to certain scenes and materials that would be needed to pull off the various effects and stunts that were required.

Besides the script, the original Call Sheets were also included within the binder that outlined the shooting schedule in great detail which started on March 10, 1986 and ended on April 15, 1986. The Call Sheets are an invaluable resource that show all of the shooting locations of the film and also include many hand drawn maps and diagrams of the shooting locations as well as certain effects needed for the film.

This binder used by Ken Sher is one of the most complete documentations of how production was executed on Jason Lives and truly makes you feel like you were in the middle of filming one of the best sequels in the franchise.

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