The Lake And Two Pools Used To Film The Climax Of Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part 6

The climactic ending of Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part 6 is one of the best in the franchise, combining pyrotechnics, a fight between the two leads, and exciting music to convey the tense and urgent situation at hand. To pull off this monumental finale in a canoe on Crystal Lake, three locations had to be utilized.

The first location used was Camp Daniel Morgan in Rutledge, Georgia. The lake itself was used quite briefly for the encounter as only the glimpse of Tommy Jarvis on the boat far off shore and Jason walking into the lake were filmed at this location. The majority of the fight scene between Jason and Tommy on the canoe took place at the Olympic pool located at the University of Southern California (USC). This second location allowed for most of the ending of the Jason Lives to be filmed whereas Tommy struggles with Jason Voorhees while being surrounded by flames. Most of the underwater shots with Jason were also filmed at USC, however, Jason's final knockout blow caused the crew to move to another pool.

According to Director Tom McLoughlin, USC would not allow him to use the boat motor to tear up Jason's face and spit out all of that nasty goo and parts into their pool, so he had to relocate for that one shot. He called his parents that lived close by and asked to use his family pool to complete the filming of the scene. His parents obliged, of course, and Tom was able to finish what would be one of the most exciting finales in the franchise.

All it took to accomplish this great ending with Jason Voorhees was a lake and two pools!

Behind The Scenes Image Courtesy Peter Bracke's Crystal Lake Memories