The Friday The 13th Times: A Franchise Magazine

In a crazy world where professional wrestling has been producing their own wrestling magazines to promote their "sport" as well as fishing and golf respectively, why can't their be a magazine dedicated to a specific horror film franchise? Star Wars already has multiple magazines dedicated to their universe so why would a franchise that contains twelve films not be able to sustain a monthly or quarterly magazine?

Friday the 13th fan Patrick Dobson developed prototype magazine covers a few years ago for a potential magazine series for the Friday the 13th film franchise, which sparked a lot of interest. These covers have been gaining a lot of interest among fans of the films over the years and there has been small talk of potential magazine releases in the future. Although this is all speculative talk right now, these covers have generated enough buzz to show that fans are craving this type of publication.

Check out the multiple covers below and let us know if you would be interested in buying a Friday the 13th magazine centered on stories and news on the franchise?