Fangoria Offers New Look At Vintage Friday The 13th 1980 Behind The Scenes Images

There is still a large percentage of our readers that were alive and well when Friday The 13th 1980 was released in theaters. At that time, the fledgling Horror magazine Fangoria was at the forefront of covering genre films, and as such, garnered a number of behind the scenes photos from the original camp slasher of the 1980's. Fangoria opened up their vaults recently and began posting photos from their old magazine stories for which us fans were treated to some vintage behind the scenes photos from the set of Friday The 13th 1980.

We have posted some of the photos below for everyone to see, and although a number of these images have made their way into Peter Bracke's book Crystal Lake Memories, it is still fun to see these original black and white photos cleaned up and digitally scanned for connoisseurs of Fangoria and the Friday The 13th franchise to enjoy. The two particular photos we most enjoy from this batch are of Crazy Ralph and Annie together and also actress Laurie Bartram laughing as her character Brenda lay on the ground covered in blood. What's your favorite?

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