'Crystal Lake Memories' Gets U.K. Release Date And Brand New Cover Art

It's been well over eight months since we last wrote about the definitive documentary on the Friday The 13th franchise (Crystal Lake Memories) and since then, there has been plenty of positive reviews and word of mouth that solidified the documentary's place as one of the best in film history. Ever since the official release of the show back in September of 2013, many fans outside of the United States have wondered if there would be a release in their country. We can tell you now that there will be multiple releases in different countries throughout this year, starting in the U.K.

Set for release on June 9th, Crystal Lake Memories will be sold as a 3 disc set complete with all features found on the U.S. release and sporting all new cover art for the Blu-Ray/DVD set. We are looking into what the three discs consist of and will update this story once it is found out. Our guess is that it is 2 DVD's and 1 Blu-Ray disc. The cost will be £17.98 and is being distributed by Stax Entertainment. The documentary can now be pre-ordered at Amazon.co.uk.

We will keep you posted when and if more releases are announced in the future!