BUTTERFINGER THE 13TH Provides A Solid Friday The 13th Homage

A few years ago, actor Rob Lowe directed a short film in conjunction with Butterfinger that paid homage to slasher films, and more specifically Friday The 13th, just in time to be released for the Halloween season. I would assume that some people are shaking their head right now, in utter disbelief that Butterfinger and Friday the 13th are even being mentioned together at all. I have to admit that when I initially heard Rob Lowe was directing a movie called Butterfinger the 13th, I was more than skeptical as to the quality and quite frankly the motivation behind such a project.

I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked this short film upon my initial viewing in 2011. The story elements consist mostly of plot points and characters introduced in the original Friday The 13th film from 1980, but also a tiny little part of The Burning. The film uses a clever technique of blending live action and a type of Japanimation. It sounds silly, but it works for this short film. After all, this is a tongue in cheek look at the classic slasher genre, used to promote a candy bar. That being said, the acting is decent, directing is very reminiscent of older slasher films with first person point of view angles, and their is the requisite twist ending.

Butterfinger The 13th takes place at Camp Honey Badger where an unfortunate accident has happened in the past. Sound familiar? This leads to the camp closing down and now being readied for reopening in Present Day. The film opens with a tense chase scene and then reflection back days before by the Final Girl. The audience is treated to the necessary campfire scene where the legend of the camp is explained. Our unseen killer is now seeking his revenge, but the end result of his rampage is both funny and sinister, and quite possibly tragic.

The most prominent and famous character outside of Mrs. Voorhees from the original Friday The 13th film is that of Crazy Ralph. The town crazy and Prophet of Doom is a staple in the slasher genre which spawned numerous copycats in subsequent movies in the early to mid 1980's. In Butterfinger The 13th, we are introduced to Crazy Chester... the maintenance man, who tries to warn the unsuspecting teens of their impending doom. He's a funny and over the top character that was sorely lacking in Friday The 13th 2009.

The killer wears, well, a sack on his head which has the word Butterfinger written on it. It's silly, but kind of creepy and never ever represented as hokey or particularly campy.  The only part of the killer's attire that is questionable are those darn knee pads. Don't want to know about them and we are all better off for not knowing.

Watching this Butterfinger extravaganza, we are even treated to the Final Girl stumbling across the killers house/cabin in the woods with everything she needs to put the final pieces together of what has been happening to her. It truly was a pleasant surprise to have this element added to the short film.

What's great about this short film is that it takes the best of what we, the fans, try to put into our own short Friday the 13th fan films and delivers those ideas with high production values. It's a pleasure to watch, just for that fact alone. Throw in a very competent music score and Butterfinger The 13th delivers a fun little 37 minute ride just in time for Halloween. Add in the fact that there is no swearing, blood, gore, or nudity and you can put this on the computer and let your older grade school kids enjoy this one without fear of exposing them to too much adult themed mayhem.

Judge for yourself and watch the short film below. Remember, watch out where you eat those Butterfingers, no one can hear you scream when the candy bar is in your mouth!