Comics: Jason's Image invades A Voice In The Dark

The iconic image of Jason Voorhees often invades multiple media formats, and the world of comic books is no exception.  Tales of Camp Blood have been told through the comic format in movie adaptations, new and ongoing stories, cross-overs such as Freddy vs Jason vs Ash, and even prequel stories such as the fantastic story Pamela’s Tale.

The image of Jason is also often used to pay homage and catch readers’ attention.  This month, regular comic shop attendees may find themselves doing a double take when grazing the shelves and seeing the cover for issue number six of Image Comics’ ongoing series A Voice in the Dark.

 This unique story, brought to us by the also truly unique artist Laramie Taylor, features the character of Zoey Aaorons, a radio call-in show host and serial killer in the making who finds fascination and inspiration in her callers.  Issue number six, cited as part four of the story arch entitled “Killing Game,” finds Zoey plotting her next kill by infiltrating a sorority house party on Halloween night.  The twist, and there always is one, is that she may not be the only killer stalking a prey at the party.  And who better to have grace the cover of such an intriguing issue than a character in full Jason gear?
Do yourself a favour and pick up this comic by Taylor, an artist who was born with Arthrogryposis and draws all his issues by mouth.  A true talent, you can explore his world and A Voice in the Dark at his website.  As an extra treat, click here to sample a preview of this issue thanks to