Behind The Scenes: How Jason Can Tear Out Your Heart In JASON LIVES

Hawes' death in Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part 6 is one of the gorier scenes in the film and truly showed the awesome new power that the undead Jason Voorhees possessed. In showing this type of demise for a likable character in the very beginning of the film, a definite tone was set for the film that showed Jason was not going to mess around after his resurrection.

Today's behind the scenes pictures show the effects crew from Jason Lives preparing the shot of Hawes' heart being ripped out by Jason. The first image shows C.J. Graham in costume as Jason with the prop heart in hand ready to push through the dummy torso fitted on the wood boards. The second photo shows the aftermath of the heart pushed through the torso.

As you can see the heart is attached to some sort of line, which is believed to be how the crew pumped blood out when Jason pushes through Hawes' body with the heart in hand. Enjoy the photos below and let us know if this death scene is your favorite in the film!