Video Review: Friday the 13th 1980 Home Videos

The original 1980's camp slasher Friday The 13th 1980 was not only a theatrical juggernaut upon its release, but that success translated over to home video as well, in many different countries. The amount of different home video releases for the original film in the Friday The 13th franchise is large and ever expanding and is the focus of our next video review.

The grouping of home videos highlighted in this video review are not as abundant as other home video reviews shown on the website in the past, but what is shown is becoming increasingly rare as the years pass by.

Featured in the collection in  the below video for Friday The 13th 1980 is Laserdiscs from the United States and Japan as well as VHS and Beta tapes from different countries as well as the (growing in popularity) defunct CED disc released by RCA in the early 1980's. Enjoy the video below and if you have questions or comments, please leave them in the comments section below and I will answer them soon!