Questions Surrounding Tina's Discovery In 'Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter'

Final Girls always end up finding the dead bodies of their friends towards the end of the Friday The 13th films. The discovery of these bodies is one of the key elements of the formula for a Friday The 13th film. Each film in the franchise has their own “discovery” moments and are a lot of fun to watch with the Final Girl's reaction.

Sometimes, however, the discovery of a body just does not make any sense and a character's reaction can leave the audience a bit befuddled. These "questions" can stem from a logistical standpoint of where a body is placed, to how a body can be triggered to fall or appear at just the right moment when a Final Girl is passing by. Such a moment happens in Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter while Trish tries to escape the party house. After Rob is attacked and killed in the basement of the party house by Jason Voorhees, Trish runs up the stairs of the basement and tries to run out the front door of the house. Her attempt is thwarted by the discovery of party twin Tina’s dead body at the foot of the doorway of the main entrance.

The discovery of Tina’s body in the doorway has always been a fun and interesting discussion topic among fans. For starters, how could Jason have placed Tina's body in the doorway at all? He was seemingly in the basement the entire time waiting as Rob and Trish entered the party house through the main entrance. Jason did not emerge from the basement until after he killed Rob and then pursued Trish from the party house to the Jarvis house next door.

The second point of contention during Tina's discovery is why Trish did not simply hop over or walk around the body to escape to the Jarvis house? Instead, she attempts to exit the back door of the house only to find Jimmy pinned to the door frame. This causes her to break the kitchen window for her escape.

We all know we are watching Friday The 13th films and they are fun to experience, but sometimes you have to wonder why these fun 1980's characters react the way they do and how Jason sometimes can operate in such mysterious ways.