Get Ready For 'The Final Chapter' 30th Reunion This Friday The 13th

Last month we let our readers know about Corey Feldman joining the East coast Horror convention the Bizarre AC. Now comes word that the Horror event is cooking up a nice little reunion for the franchise.

Announced earlier today, Jason Voorhees actor Ted White (Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter) and fellow Final Chapter actor Erich Anderson (Rob Dier) will be joining Corey Feldman for a nice little 30th Anniversary reunion of the film, which was released theatrically on April 13, 1984. Friday The 13th franchise creator and writer Victor Miller was also just announced to be attending the event this Summer.

If you want say hello and chat with some of these iconic stars of the film franchise, make plans to attend the second annual Bizarre A.C. In Atlantic City, New Jersey starting the weekend of Friday June 13th! For more information on the event, visit