Arttastic Studios Recreate Famous Friday The 13th Franchise Signs

The original Friday The 13th film contains one of the most infamous Summer Camp signs in motion picture history. Devoted fans are well aware of that item as well as other infamous signs that mark their favorite films in the franchise. It was difficult to obtain or own screen accurate replica signs from the franchise up until very recently, but there are now a lot of very talented artists that have taken up the painstaking task of recreating some of the most famous and iconic signs of the Friday The 13th films.

One such company is the U.K. based Arttastic Studios which are now making available three different signs from the franchise. There is, of course, the Camp Crystal Lake sign from Friday The 13th 1980 as well as the variant Camp Blood camp sign seen in Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part 6, and finally a nice homage to Friday The 13th Part 3 with the Higgins Haven sign.

These are hand made signs and are reasonably priced. For more information, make sure to visit and get yourself a Friday The 13th sign today!