Original Jason Voorhees Concept Art From 'Freddy vs Jason'

There are a lot of gripes thrown out by fans about Freddy vs Jason and no subject has drawn more ire than the introduction of Jason Voorhees wearing a jacket. Not that the initial reaction by fans was too terrible, but as the character sporting a jacket was thrust further into the canon of the franchise, every creative force in the universe (i.e. comic book creators, free lance artists, merchandise coordinators) began creating Jason with a jacket and the hatred by purists grew even more.

So it may not be all the fault of the production crew for Freddy vs Jason that so many fans have come to despise Jason wearing a jacket, but it has no doubt changed the look of Jason for the modern day fan base. The jacket wearing Voorhees was even adopted for Friday The 13th 2009, much to the chagrin of fans. If you look at some early conceptual art, it looks as though for a brief moment that the Freddy vs Jason crew were thinking of a classic Jason Voorhees outfit.

Below are some original conceptual drawings courtesy of the Crystal Lake Memories eBook, created for what Jason would look like in the film. As you can see, there is a bit of a classic Jason concept created in one instance. Alas, the rest are of Jason from what we saw in Freddy vs Jason during various stages of production.

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