Friday The 13th Part 2 Call Sheets Show Jason Window Crashing Scene

There are a huge amount of fans that adore Friday The 13th Part 2 and any new images or information that is released into the Friday The 13th community continues to drive interest in the film franchise and into future generations of fans. Today we have some special looks at a few production Call Sheets that give a great insight into the shooting schedule of Part 2 and what went on during those particular days of filming.

Amy Steel (Ginny) posted some rare Call Sheets on her Facebook page a few years ago from the film whereas two particular days of filming are revealed. The first sheet (bottom left) shows filming information for the ending dream sequence where Ginny and Paul Holt return to the cabin only  to have Jason crash through the window. Fun fact to note that the dog Muffin was actually named Pumpkin!

The second sheet (bottom right) includes information about the filming of the scene where Crazy Ralph is spying on Ginny and Paul while they kiss in their cabin. Big thanks must go out to Amy for posting these for fans to observe!

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